welcome to the demon lair

Who am I?

I'm a Filker. I make my own songs and lyrics based on pieces of fiction and my sad experiences in life, such as being forsaken, boozing, handling the cats, having an aching tooth...

I'm from Germany but my music is either in English or Gibberish.

What fiction?

I've been a Trekker for a longish time, so my first Filk was about Star Trek TNG and Star Trek DS9. Then there is a lot of stuff about Buffy - mostly about Spike. And Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't claim to possess any rights on these fictional characters. They're not mine. Don't sue. But the tunes, lyrics and arrangements are mine. Don't steal or I'll track you down and kill you slowly; with my brain, presumably; which would be a horribly squishy death.

The prospects for the future - I've become a Battlestar Galactica addict, the new series of course, and I loved Firefly. Haven't written any songs about these yet.

commercial music I like

I'm a big Queen fan. Huge. Queen fan. Queen was the best band in this world, for all times.

I like Die Ärzte (German punk rock) a lot.

I'd shy back from calling this "inspiration" or "roots" - but what I like in both of these bands is the range, the musical variety, the silliness, the irony.

I also like Poe, Lacuna Coil, David Peters... yes, you probably don't know them and that makes me cool.

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